Though most of my work is done by commission, from time to time, I paint icons just for the love of painting. I love finding unusual subjects, unusual compositions, and painting icons that I find beautiful. I only have one of each of these icons available, so they are subject to selling out (though you can always commission one like anything here).

Saint Xenia Holy Fool For Christ by the hand of Matthew Garrett, 2011

Saint Xenia Holy Fool for Christ
4-15/16 in. x 6-7/8 in.
Price: $250.00
Shipping: $15.00

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St. James the Persian by the hand of Matthew Garrett, 2007

St. James the Persian
3-15/16in. x 5-5/8in.
Price: $200.00
Shipping: $10.00

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If you enjoy the icons on this page, you may want to purchase a copy of a self-published book of icons which is available for purchase through
Icons by the hand of Matthew Garrett

Also, please check out the store I set up on for icon prints, cards, and posters. And let me know if there are any subjects on this site that you would like to see prints made of… [Prints and Cards]

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